• material: PET/tie bolt/telephone/water&heating hose/wood/aluminum/paint/electric wire

  • dimensions: H 90cm/W 50cm/D 50cm

"Wohnparasit" is a habitation unit that runs autonomous after installment. It feeds on the water, heating, telephone and electricity from the host-building it gets fixed to. Uninstallation will cause sincerely damage. Its shape conceals it as a non working lamp on any exterior wall. It dissipates energy and occupies space like any other resident.

  • exhibition venue: "All In" Turnhalle HAW Hamburg/"Passagen" Galerie Article Köln
  • curator: Ralf Witthaus(Köln)
  • participating artists: solo(Hamburg) Uta Belowe/Gabriele Staarmann/Katharina Gschwendtner et al. (Köln)