Wasted Time In The Hocus Focus Of The All Seeing I


Flag Ship Store Shop Chair

  • material: wood/hemp rope/leather/paint/industrial felt/pink ivory
  • dimensions: H 100cm/W 60cm/D 60cm

Stereo Curtain

  • material: wool/suede/sound system with loop
  • dimensions: H 320cm/ W variable

Elder St.80`s

  • material: olive&palm&ebony wood/oil paint/aircraft plywood/rust patina
  • dimensions: H 130c/W 60cm/D 60cm

Happy Happy Glow After Me

  • material: 543 cotton towels/chipboard/wall paint
  • dimensions: H 290cm/W 60cm/D 260cm

Printed Studio Door

  • material: c-print in glass frame/wood/wool/oil paint
  • dimensions: H 200cm/W 80cm/D 10cm

I Order Joy-Form Follows Function

  • material: bamboo sticks/spray paint
  • dimensions: variable

The Beast-6.66 min. Studio Break

  • material: video loop on tv-monitor
  • dimensions: 6.66min

The exhibit "Wasted Time In The Hocus Focus Of The All Seeing I" is nothing less than the metaphorical and narrative replication of his studio. Past his wooden and photographically reproduced door, one moves down the choreographed and geographically "correct" path of the work through an installation room of 500 hand towels, two sculptures, a noisy curtain as well as two videos. One of the sculptures is constructed out of a rusty base with an unthinkable timber column. On this monument stands an extremely elaborate basswood carving, occupied by a small and colourful idol with punctured ebony wings. The second sculpture is a one-legged chair, staged as an invitation before the video work the all seeing i to linger and look at its unoccupied mechanical balancing. The video is a self-portrait, a small cabinet of horrors about the cliches of the artistic figure alone with himself, his work and reflection. The second video 6:66 min. studiobreak (the beast) shows the artist in a diabolic length in what appears tobe a terrarium in front of his studio window. All of these legacies of the studio constantly reproduce themselves in endless, meandering orbits around the void. To our annoyance and edification.

by D. Kruse

  • exhibition venue: "Wasted Time In The Hocus Focus Of The All Seeing I" gallery tinderbox Hamburg 2010/“Das Eigene Ich” gallery Affenfaust Hamburg 2015/"Das Bielefelder Gefühl" Kunstverein Bielefeld 2009
  • curators: Diane Kruse(Hamburg) Elmar Lause(Hamburg) Thomas Thiel(Bielefeld)
  • participating artists: solo (Hamburg) Daniel van Eendenburg/Daniel Faller/Heiko Müller/Henning Kles/Nils Knott/Patrik Fazar/Sellmann et al. (Hamburg) Korpys & Löffler/Günther Uecker et al.(Bielefeld)