Universal Expo Platform


  • material: recycled transport blankets/wood/chipboard/aircraft plywood/bronze patina
  • dimensions: H 195cm/W 900cm/D 500cm

"The Universal Expo Platform(UEP)" is a counterpart to the architecture of Frank Gehry which is more sculpture then exhibition space and in neither way very advantageous. The "UEP" is scaled so it could sustain any of my other large works as a pedestal. But it remains empty. It is positioned in such a way that it blocks the intended circuit of the museum. In one direction the viewer stands on the outside and in the other he is lead to the inside which is a dead end. There is a small version of the "UEP" which was build beforehand to be used as the blueprint for the large platform.

  • exhibition venue: "Unsichtbare Schatten–Bilder der Verunsicherung" MARTA Herford(catalog)
  • curator: Roland Nachtigäller
  • participating artists: Michaël Borremans/Baldur Burwitz/Nina Canell/Martin Creed/Elmgreen & Dragset/Robert Gober/Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler/Katharina Jahnke/Paul Klee/Max Klinger/Alicja Kwade/Kris Martin/Óscar Muñoz/Olaf Nicolai/Navid Nuur/Alexandra Ranner/Gerhard Richter/Michael Sailstorfer/Norbert Schwontkowski/Tianhong Sheng/Simon Starling & Superflex/Susanne Tunn/Gavin Turk/Sonja Vordermaier/Mark Wallinger et al.
  • I II III Eternity-Two