The Hawaiian Collection


  • material: oil on canvas/C-print and oil on paper(The Hawaiian Curator)/wood/silk/paint(Stepp Aside 4 Frank Lloyd Wright)/acrylic paint on wall(Waruuuuum)/wood/paint/acrylic glass/Shang-Dynasty pottery(Drunken Daisys Department)
  • dimensions: see single pictures

“The Hawaiian Collection” is the result of the collaborative work of Dennis Scholl and Jörn Stahlschmidt. They met twice a week over a period of two years. Even they cant tell anymore which elements where painted by whom. They transformed into a third party painter with four hands...and one can find the impact of this intense exchange and team play in both individual works until today.

  • exhibition venue: “The Hawaiian Collection” Galleria Hafenrand Hamburg
  • participating artists: Dennis Scholl