Sumless System


  • material: 7 Auto Reverse Tape Players/6 stereo amplifiers/tube radio/effect device/12 speakers/recycled furniture/heavy duty castors/pottery
  • dimensions: H 110cm/W 200cm/D 70cm

"Sumless System" is a mechanic composer, an acoustic perpetual motion machine. Seven tape decks are instrument and musician at the same time because those seven independent tracks of different playtime are adjusting against each other constantly and arrange an endless piece of music even extended via speed fluctuation of analogue technique. If only there was not the fading of magnetic tapes from this kind of technology that some day will lead to a hush of the "sumless system". The sounds heard where played and recorded directly into the system by dissamonix. Their music is intrinsically tied to the object and can solely be heard live. Form follows music and music follows form here. The machine is surrounded by benches and lamps, built out of the studio furniture it was created in and off.

  • exhibition venue: "Sumless System" Galerie Diane Kruse Hamburg "Summles System x Der Riese" flexibles flimmern at Warburg Haus Hamburg
  • curators: Diane Kruse( Galerie Kruse) Katharina Hoins/Holger Kraus(Warburg Haus)
  • participating artists: Carl Theodor Dreyer(Galerie Kruse) Michael Klier(Warburg Haus)