Servant Viewer


  • material: analog reflex camera/roller blades/air-compressor/walk man/microphone/fx-mixer/speaker/ jerrycan with funnel
  • dimensions: H 110cm/W 44cm/D 50cm

The "Servant Viewer" is an analog spectator automaton. It occupies the space of one human exhibition visitor. It smokes if offered a cigarette. It drinks any kind of complimentary beverage poured into the red funnel. It listens via its microphone and repeats fragments mixed with some mumble due to an delay unit. And it looks at the exhibits through the camera lens and memorizes it blurred with bulb exposure on slow film. All this it can not do by it self, it needs perpetually assistance and governance.

  • exhibition venue: "Gewuchs III" Westwerk Hamburg
  • curators: Daniel van Eendenburg/Nils Knott
  • participating artists: niedervolthoudini/Boris Vogeler/Anne Vagt/Patrick Farzar/Rocko Schamoni, Thomas Ehgartner/Balz Isler/Gregory Büttner/Tilman Knop/On & Brr/Fretted Orkestra/Sinuston Orkestra/Lumidium Illumination et al.