Republic Empire


  • material: wood print on canvas/carpet/vintage artist studio table/fabric/1.5kw e-motor, aluminum
  • dimensions: H 3m W 6m D 5m

The exhibition room is divided by the half closed curtain and the carpet into two spaces. On the checkered side stands a former studio work table into which a vigorous motor is integrated. It turns a massive steel propeller at such a high speed that it is almost non visible. Yet it makes a threatening loud noise and flow of air. It is so dangerous and daunting that no one staid longer than a view seconds even in the save are. So the work table and area of the room where unsuitable to visitors and the creator alike.

  • exhibition venue: "dancing descenarios/republic empire" filter Hamburg
  • curator: Kerstin Niemann
  • participating artists: Luis Negrón