Remote King Dong


  • material: bell breakers/extension wire
  • dimensions: H 45m/W 100m/D 500m

There is a visible extension wire laid from the bell tower of St.Katharinen (one of the five principal churches of Hamburg) connecting the main bell system with two breakers. From the location of the breakers the church is not in sight as they are affixed around a corner and 100m away. If they are pushed simultaneously, which requires two people or a tool as they are 3m apart, the main bell in the steeple rings once. There is no instruction of the usage of the breakers.

  • exhibition venue: "kreuzwege" St.Katharinen Hamburg(catalog)
  • curator: Rolf Kellner
  • participating artists: Katharina von Korff/Katrin Bethek/Katharina Gschwendtner/Annika Unterburg et al.