Phoenix & Phoenix Second Rising


  • material: phoenix palm tree/current switch/wood/irrigation plant/ultraviolet bulb/fan
  • dimensions: H 500cm/W 310cm/D 280cm

"Phoenix" is an installation where the only perceptible part is a small current switch. It is located in one corner of the museum with no advice of its function. Its up to the visitors and staff to decide to switch it. In one position the life preserving system for the palm tree hidden in the wall is on, in the other its off. No instructions are given.

  • exhibition venue: "open museum–broken home" baltic raw org /elektrohaus, Hamburg (catalog)
  • curator: Moka Farkas/Berndt Jasper/Christoph Janiesch
  • participating artists: Cordula Ditz/Patrick Fazar/Umschichten/Greta Brix/Till van Daalen et al.