Nyarlothoteps Darewish-Gate Of Annihilation-Way Of The Flesh


  • material: depafit/hot glue/aluminum/e-motor/fabric
  • dimensions: H 280cm7W 280cm/D 280cm

The inner module of "Nyarlothotep" spins, driven by an electric motor. If a person would sit on the white bench she or he would be hit in the neck by the aluminum rotor. That motor originates from a film editing studio where it winded the films in a guillotine.

  • exhibition venue: "top to bottom, end to end" Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien/Westbau/Magazin 1 Wien Östereich
  • curator: Barbara Rüdiger/Monica Bonvicini
  • participating artists: Cordula Ditz/Miwa Ogasawara/Volker Hueller/Natalie Koge/Markus Hiesleitner/Maria Anwander/Martin Janda/Peter Wehnige/Ovidiou Anton et al.
  • I II III Eternity-Three