Remote Money


  • material: 1, 2 & 5 Cent coins/Remote controlled car/spruce tree/neon sign/oil on canvas
  • dimensions: H 3m/W 5m/D 5m

The cashier's room at the Bundesbank Hamburg was the first place where Euro-coins where handed out to the public in Germany. The Bundesbank is the place to which the money printing houses and the mints deliver and from where it is distributed to the branch banks. And only then it turns from printed paper and stamped metal to money. It is a high security area. The remote control outside the cashiers room allowed everyone to maneuver the car inside and to push the coins spread on the floor under the threshold outside to pick it up.

  • exhibition venue: "kreuzwege" Deutsche Bundesbank Hamburg(catalog)
  • curator: Rolf Kellner
  • participating artists: Katharina von Korff/Katrin Bethek/Katharina Gschwendtner/Annika Unterburg et al.