Entropie Work Station


  • material: plywood/fans/fan heaters/water hose/speaker/microphone/walk man/telephone/sewing machine
  • dimensions: H 220cm/W 180cm/D110cm

The "Entropie Work Station" was build after the image of a studio workbench appearing in an etching of a painters atelier from the 14th century. It stands balanced on three feet which makes it impossible to work on. It will instantly fall over if any weight is put on the surface. Inside, invisible, it consumes all the physical resources which where provided to me as a student by the art school. It soaks up 20.000 Watt of electricity, 300l of Water per hour, a long distance telephone line(no flat rate at that time). The waste heat and noise occupies the studio space so no one is comfortable to stay...let alone work in that studio...

  • exhibition venue: "graduate exhibition" HfBK Hamburg
  • curators: Pia Stadtbäumer/Michael Diers
  • participating artists: Mette Thiessen/Tillmann Therbuyken/Julia Steinmann/Akane Kimbara/Katrin Bahrs/Urs Ulbrich et al.