Blind Spot & Painted Studioo Floor


Blind Spot

  • material: video-loop
  • dimensions: L 60min

Painted Studio Floor

  • material: oil on canvas, wood
  • dimensions: H 35cm/W 250cm/D 180cm

"Blind Spot & Painted Studio Floor" are the instalment of "Republic Empire" (Filter Hamburg). The video-loop was recorded uncut on a 60min VHS tape in the half of the room which was accessible. The other half was occupied by a former studio work table into which a vigorous motor is integrated. It turns a massive steel propeller at such a high speed that it is almost non visible. Yet it makes a threatening loud noise and flow of air. It is so daunting and obviously dangerous that no one staid longer than a view seconds even in the save are. The creator itself is reduced to inaction, blind and numb. Painted Studio Floor is a 1:1 adaption and serves as a pedestal to the video.

  • exhibition venue: "normal again" Galerie der HfBK Hamburg (catalog)
  • curator: Cordula Ditz
  • participating artists: Patrick Farzar/Dennis Scholl/Martin Vollherbst/Nadim Vardag/Joss Whedon/Dietmar Dath