Ausland Miland

2001 - x

  • material: toolbox/nylon/wood/stainless steel/visa-stamp/paint/administrative officer
  • dimensions: H 100cm/W 60cm/D 60cm

"Ausland Miland" is a micro country that is portable for travel. It is scaled for and only accessible to valid passports, not humans. Every passport visiting Ausland Miland gets issued a visa consisting of a stamp and an individual drawing. So far 74 visas have been issued. The administrator is Jörn Stahlschmidt.

  • exhibition venue: "you and me market" Rheinauen Düsseldorf/"Daheim in der Fremde-Fremd in der Heimat" Städtische Galerie Nordhorn/"Neue Heimat" MARTA Herford/"Gelée Royal-der Staat bin Ich"(documentary movie)...and several other places and countries...
  • curators: Takako Saito(Düsseldorf)/Roland Nachtigäller(Nordhorn/Herford)/Antje Knapp(Gelée Royal)
  • participating artists: Thierry Geoffroy Colonel/Gillion Grantsaan/Jun Yang/Dirk Dietrich Henning/Ralph Witthaus... et al.